Oregon and Washington Cascades Cross Country Ski Trails

The MTB trail list includes some rides which are also suitable for cross country skiing. Development of mountain bike rides is ongoing, with XC Ski trail map development to follow, and XC ski trails and areas are noted on some of the MTB pages.

The following trails are either suitable for XC Skiing or have Sno-Parks and substantial XC Ski trail systems nearby. Also be sure to check out the forest service 'Winter' activities pages for more information on XC Ski trails.

Note: only Sno Parks have groomed trails. Non-groomed trails require much more experience and should not be attempted solo.

Wenatchee NF: Echo Ridge Tr1290 trail system.

Wenatchee NF: Blewett Pass Sno Park trail system.

Gifford Pinchot NF: Marble Mt Sno-Park, near Ape Canyon.

Gifford Pinchot NF: McClellan Meadows Sno-Park.

Gifford Pinchot NF: Service Tr35.

Mt Hood NF: Frog Lake Sno-Park and the Sahalie - Umbrella Falls Tr667.

Mt Hood NF: Tilly Jane Tr643.

Southern Oregon Cascades have the perfect combination of elevation and terrain for a XC Ski vacation. Much more on this later...

Ochoco NF: Lookout Mountain Tr804 and Independent Mine Tr808.

Ochoco NF: Bandit Springs SnoPark trail system.

Ochoco NF: Walton Lake SnoPark trail system.

Rogue River NF: Chinquapin Mt Tr45438.

Rogue River NF: Summit Sno-Park and High Lakes Tr6200. Snow permitting, the Lake of the Woods resort area is an excellent base for a XC Ski destination.

Also check out the easiest trails which are listed and use the TrailFinder to search for trails with moderate elevation gain and minimal ascent incline.



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